We are using a lot of  Framework like .NET windows platform,  zend, cakephp, codeignite etc for php etc etc

But do u even thinks about a CSS Framework…………….. may be not but now you must thing about it coz it is now knocking at your door

the profit of a Framework as we know is

  • it cut down your working hours
  • make your jobs easier
  • more stable
  • and also add more function
  • you don’t have to thinks about DB problems
  • it isolate your logic design and database interaction
  • it prevent you to discover the wheel again and again
  • etc etc

The CSS Framework does not going to give you all of thous it is only  a collection of css files and give you a lot lot of hour back to you which you use to write the css for a project

but the most impotent thing is it will back you  some Kilogram of you which you loss to fix the cross browser problem mainly the great one IE6

so why your reading all of this just go to here download it and make your body weight high