The Beauty in CSS Design

It was one year ago when i think to write separate HTML and CSS file. before that i am working on dreamwaver 8 and then dreamwaver cs3 by drawing layout. but that was not designer friendly as well as not friendly for devloper and if u makes dinamic page it is impossible to any think by this way so i shift to myself to css and the magic of div now a days div is the tag that make me web designer to a ture web designer.

wait wait why your reading all this junk come to topic css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design is a site link when you cacss Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Designn not only see the beauty of css but the super power of css.
they are giving you a single html file and now you have to design it with css there are now above 200 design all are unique design even some design is differnt in different browser.
go and look the world of css in zend Garden