Think the condition a client give you a web project and said i don’t like CSS make it with out CSS, only using HTML and other thing.

what will be your answer to the client ?

i hope it will be “NO” or “I can’t do it”.

i will like to say “then make it your self”

There may be no client such type, so we use css on each and every web project.

but the the main problem css makes to developer is

  1. Cross browser support
  2. Cascading order

the first one is reduced by css and JavaScript Framework. but some times  cascading order makes some  real problem if you use a css framework that makes you some time hopeless, but it is easy to resolve just knowing the order of cascading there are two type of cascading

  1. Selector order
  2. Location order

Every one of us know about location order but very few know about Selector order,  let see the orders first Location order

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What u do if you want to give the option to user to take a new form element in a site you may be

  1. Use JS
  2. Use ajax
  3. Reload page by request to the server

most new user do the last one coz it is easy to use 1 or 2 you have to know a lot and also have to do a lot

But if you can do it by just add a attribute to to your form element

ya it is possible in HTML 5. let see it

copy this and RUN it on the Opera 9.6 (it will not works on the firefox or IE becouse only opera add some HTML5 tag on there one)

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Sample Order Form</title>
<tr id="order" <span style="color:#ff0000;">repeat="template" repeat-start="3"</span>>
<td><input type="text" name="row[order].product" value=""></td>
<td><input type="text" name="row[order].quantity" value="1"></td>
<td><button type="remove">Remove This Row</button></td>

<<span style="color:#ff0000;">button type="add" template="order"</span>>Add Row</button>

<button type="submit">Submit</button>


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In 1997 when i was at class five W3C Recommend HTML 4 which one change the world of web. don’t think that i am using HTML from them i am using HTML 4 from 2007 after 10 year of W3C Recommendation but also after 3 year W3C start works for HTML 5 and one year before W3C published the First Public Working Draft of the specification[January 22  2008].

now a days i make up me to update me on HTML 5 from now so that when the age start i can use it without wait a single moment by living on google for some hour i find some useful information let see it together

HTML 5 defines the fifth major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web, HTML. “HTML 5 differences from HTML 4” describes the differences between HTML 4 and HTML 5 and provides some of the rationale for the changes. HTML5 specifies two variants of the same language, a “classic” HTML (text/html) variant known as HTML5 and a XHTML variant known as XHTML5. This is the first time that HTML and XHTML have been developed in parallel.

  • The HTML 5 draft reflects an effort, started in 2004, to study contemporary HTML implementations and deployed content. The draft:
  • Defines a single language called HTML 5 which can be written in a “custom” HTML syntax and in XML syntax.
  • Defines detailed processing models to foster interoperable implementations.
    Improves markup for documents.
  • Introduces markup and APIs for emerging idioms, such as Web applications.

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We are using a lot of  Framework like .NET windows platform,  zend, cakephp, codeignite etc for php etc etc

But do u even thinks about a CSS Framework…………….. may be not but now you must thing about it coz it is now knocking at your door

the profit of a Framework as we know is

  • it cut down your working hours
  • make your jobs easier
  • more stable
  • and also add more function
  • you don’t have to thinks about DB problems
  • it isolate your logic design and database interaction
  • it prevent you to discover the wheel again and again
  • etc etc

The CSS Framework does not going to give you all of thous it is only  a collection of css files and give you a lot lot of hour back to you which you use to write the css for a project

but the most impotent thing is it will back you  some Kilogram of you which you loss to fix the cross browser problem mainly the great one IE6

so why your reading all of this just go to here download it and make your body weight high

Today i am configuring a new phpBB forum and found the problem that when i enter a email (not all for some) the massage come out “The entered e-mail domain has no valid MX record” by try in google i find the way to solve it just

first go to

  1. General tab
  2. then Security settings
  3. and then
  4. off the Check e-mail domain for valid MX record


The Beauty in CSS Design

It was one year ago when i think to write separate HTML and CSS file. before that i am working on dreamwaver 8 and then dreamwaver cs3 by drawing layout. but that was not designer friendly as well as not friendly for devloper and if u makes dinamic page it is impossible to any think by this way so i shift to myself to css and the magic of div now a days div is the tag that make me web designer to a ture web designer.

wait wait why your reading all this junk come to topic css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design is a site link when you cacss Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Designn not only see the beauty of css but the super power of css.
they are giving you a single html file and now you have to design it with css there are now above 200 design all are unique design even some design is differnt in different browser.
go and look the world of css in zend Garden

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